URJA Techniques (India) Private Limited
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URJA Techniques (India) Private Limited
Distribution Transformers
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Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd, abbreviated as URJA, is spearheaded by a proficient consortium of experts, who have garnered substantial and diverse experience in areas such as transformer design, research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance and customer service. This organization is equipped with a progressive manufacturing facility that adheres to internationally recognized standards such as IS, IEC and ANSI. It proudly holds accreditation including ISO-9001:2008, 14001:2004, and 18001:2007 awarded by Moody International.

URJA Techniques (India) Private Limited

URJA Techniques has cultivated a reputation for consistently delivering products of exceptional quality to its diverse clients. The cornerstone of our success can be attributed to an effective marketing network, steadfast customer relationships and dedication to providing supreme service levels and excellence.

The organization prides itself on its adaptability in the repair of a wide variety of transformer types and brands, having successfully fulfilled a multitude of repair contracts. URJA's primary objective is the establishment and preservation of robust customer relationships. To achieve this, URJA offers a comprehensive maintenance service that encompasses service quality management, customer satisfaction, service call management, service parts inventory management, and service management information system integration with sales, manufacturing, engineering, and cutting-edge technologies.

The cast resin dry type transformer is an advanced and efficient electrical device widely used in various industrial and commercial applications. Designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution, this transformer offers several advantages over traditional oil-filled transformers. It is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure optimal performance and durability.

In a dry cast resin type transformer, the transformer windings are coated with an insulating resin, which is then hardened. This coating provides both electrical insulation and protection against environmental factors such as moisture, dust and other contaminants. The windings are typically enclosed under vacuum conditions to eliminate air voids that could lead to partial discharges and ultimately to failure.

The Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer is constructed using high grade epoxy resin which acts as an insulating material and protects the windings from moisture, contaminants and other environmental factors. The epoxy resin is cast under vacuum in a mold, resulting in a solid and robust transformer with excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

Here are some benefits of dry cast resin type transformers :

Safety and Environmental Benefits
Dry type transformers are less of a fire hazard than oil filled transformers because they do not use flammable insulating oil. They also do not have the risk of oil leakage, which can lead to environmental contamination.

They require less maintenance compared to oil filled transformers. They do not require regular dielectric oil testing or changes.

These transformers are highly resistant to short circuits and thermal shocks, due to the mechanical strength of the cast resin. They have good resistance to moisture, making them suitable for various environments, including harsh and humid ones.

Dry type transformers are known for their high level of efficiency and they exhibit low losses during operation.

Why Choose Us

Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd is a reputable and reliable supplier of Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers. With years of experience in the industry, they have established a strong reputation for delivering high quality products and exceptional customer service. They adhere to stringent quality control measures during the manufacturing process to ensure that their transformers meet international standards and specifications. The company offers a wide range of transformer options to cater to diverse customer requirements. Their team of skilled professionals provides expert guidance and support, helping customers choose the right transformer for their specific applications. Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd also offers timely delivery, competitive pricing, and excellent after-sales service, making them a trusted choice for customers seeking reliable and efficient power solutions.




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