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Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd engages in the manufacturing and supply of a comprehensive range of transformers including solar converter duty transformers, earthing transformers, furnace transformers, reactor transformers, compact sub-stations and dry-type transformers. We are of the belief that no idea is too small and all sorts of ideas have some potential and these ideas are responsible for progression and prosperity.We bring you the most innovative and advanced products which are of the best quality.

We manufacture quality products which are in compliance with international standards. Our ultra modern testing facilities are designed in accordance with the rigorous requirements of IS, IEC and ANSI Standards. This ensures that every transformer we produce undergoes thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance, reliability and safety. Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd holds prestigious certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, accredited by Moody International. These certifications recognize our commitment to excellence in the design, manufacture, and marketing of energy-efficient transformers.

A supplementary transformer using three alternative voltage systems of similar frequency to provide a ground path to a delta connected system is termed as an earthing transformer.

They let three phase systems accommodate phase to neutral loads by providing a return path for current to a neutral. These transformers are used to limit the magnitude of temporary over voltages, when restriking ground faults occur. In power distribution, it is crucial to ensure a stable, reliable neutral point. This grounding stabilizes the voltage across the system and improves safety by reducing the risk of electric shock. The specific type of Earthing transformer used in a given scenario depends on various factors such as the nature of the system, its size and the specific requirements of the application.

Earthing transformers are designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of various industries including power plants, substations, oil refineries, chemical plants and more. These transformers provide a low impedance path to ground, ensuring effective fault current diversion and limiting potential damage caused by electrical faults.


Robust Construction
These transformers are built using high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long term performance.
Customization Options
Customized solutions to meet specific project requirements, considering factors such as voltage levels, fault current ratings and system configurations are easily available.
Efficient Fault Current Diversion
Earthing transformers efficiently divert fault currents to the ground, minimizing the risk of damage to equipment and ensuring electrical safety.
Low Impedance
With low impedance, our transformers provide a reliable path to ground, effectively reducing the risk of electrical faults and associated hazards.


  • Ground fault protection: Earthing transformers provide a path to ground for fault currents, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems. They help limit the magnitude of fault currents and facilitate the operation of protective devices, such as circuit breakers and relays, by detecting and isolating faults.
  • Neutral grounding: By connecting the neutral point of a power system to the ground through an earthing transformer, it helps establish a solid reference point for voltage calculations and maintains the system voltage within safe limits. It reduces the risk of over voltages, provides system stability, and helps prevent insulation breakdown.
  • Fault current limitation: Earthing transformers reduce the potential damage caused by short circuits. By controlling fault currents, they minimize thermal and mechanical stresses on equipment and reduce the possibility of cascading failures.
  • Grounding of ungrounded systems: In systems where the neutral is ungrounded, earthing transformers provide an artificial neutral connection to the ground. This allows for the detection and localization of ground faults, enabling timely maintenance and repair actions.
  • Power quality improvement: Earthing transformers can enhance power quality by mitigating voltage imbalances, reducing harmonics and minimizing temporary over voltages. They help stabilize the system voltage, minimize disturbances and ensure reliable and efficient operation of electrical equipment.

Why Choose Us

With a customer-centric approach, we strive to meet the unique requirements of our clients by offering tailored transformer solutions. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians leverage their expertise and experience to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. At Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd, we are dedicated to providing reliable and technologically advanced transformers that contribute to the growth and sustainability of industries across various sectors. We practice of being in tune with the latest changes and trends in the industry so that we can offer the most modern concepts to our customers. Our transparent and cost effective business policies are designed for the benefit of our customers.


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