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Distribution Transformers
Power Transformers
Furnace Transformers
Earthing Transformers
Reactors Transformers
Dry (VPI) Transformers
Hermetically Sealed Transformer
Dry (CRT) Transformers
Compact Sub Station
Power Transformers

Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd stands as a lighthouse in the transformer manufacturing industry, pursuing in the manufacturing of best quality solar converter, duty transformers, earthing transformers, furnace transformers, reactor transformers, compact sub stations and dry type transformers. The firm demonstrates exceptional expertise in the transformer power industry, creating a reputation for both quality and innovation. Their ideal product portfolio caters to an array of industrial sectors, bringing forth the convergence of technological advancement and energy efficiency.

The company has unique testing facilities which are in compliance with IS, IEC and ANSI standards, proving their determination. Furthermore, Urja Techniques has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation by Moody International which signifies their dedication to high quality design, manufacture and marketing of energy efficient transformers. This commitment makes Urja Techniques a leading choice in the industrial power domain. Additionally, it is the best quality of the product manufactured here, which makes it stand out from others in the same industry.


Power Transformers are pivotal components in the modern electricity network, enabling the efficient transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Regulation of voltage fluctuations handled by these transformers ,make power systems safer, more efficient and more reliable. These robust pieces of equipment play a crucial role in ensuring seamless energy flow from power stations to end users, covering a wide range of applications across industries from power generation and transmission to railways, manufacturing and even residential uses.

Power Transformers consist of primary and secondary winding, which are typically made of insulated copper or aluminum conductors wound around a core made of laminated iron or steel. The windings are electrically isolated from each other and are connected to the primary and secondary circuits. Power transformers are designed for large power handling capabilities and are usually used in power generation stations and transmission substations. They have high efficiency and are designed for a 100% duty cycle which means they are designed to be on all the time.


Power transformers are engineered with an array of features that make them a cornerstone in power system infrastructures.

  • These transformers are highly efficient, designed to handle high voltage power transmission to minimize energy losses.
  • The manufacturing of these transformers is done in a rigid manner, which enables them to withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring long term durability.
  • They display distinguished insulation properties, thereby enhancing dependability.
  • With in-built cooling systems, power transformers manage heat effectively, prolonging their lifespan.
  • Moreover, they have provisions for monitoring and protection devices, allowing for advanced diagnostics and maintenance.


  • Power transformers are fabricated to display high energy efficiency, reliability and versatility.
  • These transformers can handle high voltages, thus facilitating efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, which significantly reduces power losses.
  • The tough design facilitates features of dependability ensuring continuous service with minimal maintenance and an increased life span of the product.
  • Power transformers are adaptable and designed to meet a wide range of energy requirements, hence adjustable to various applications across industries.
  • Furthermore, due to the protective features and cooling systems possessed by the power transformers,there is an improvement in the functional effectiveness of the transformers.

Why Choose Us

We are intended to deliver best quality products of the highest standards and within the scheduled time. At Urja Techniques, we have the practice of conducting interactive sessions with our customers, to have a deeper understanding of their requirements and interests. We maintain the strategic advantage of catering to diverse industries, regardless of their scale or magnitude. Further to this, our adherence towards industry ethics and norms have paved us the way to establish a strong presence in the market. To strengthen our position, we consistently invest in upgrading our infrastructure facilities as this will ensure that we remain in a trendsetting position in the field of technological advancements. Moreover, we have such dedicated work force with us who are always ready to fulfill the deliverable in a perfect condition so that our customers stay satisfied with us.


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