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Compact Substation

Operating at the forefront of the worldwide transformer manufacturing sector, Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd plays a pivotal part in creating a variety of transformers, including those specifically for solar converter duty. The company provides earthing transformers, furnace transformers, reactor transformers, compact sub-stations and dry type transformers. Each of these products is tailor made to meet distinct industrial requirements. Through their dedication to quality and precision, Urja Techniques remains compliant with IS, IEC and ANSI standards, strengthened by their unique testing facilities. The remarkable commitment to maintaining industry leading quality has led to accreditation such as ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, awarded by Moody International. By prioritizing energy-efficient designs, Urja Techniques continues to push the boundaries in the manufacture and marketing of high performance transformers.


Compact Substation is a type of substation that is characterized by its small size and high efficiency. These substations are often used in areas where space is limited or where the installation of a full scale substation is not feasible or cost effective. The main purpose of a compact substation is to reduce the voltage of an electric current for safe and efficient use in residential and commercial spaces or other smaller scale applications. The transformer within the substation plays a crucial role in this process, converting high voltage electricity into lower voltage electricity.

A compact substation is a precisely engineered product that promises to revolutionize the power distribution sector. Compact substations, manufactured by Urja Techniques, serve as a one stop solution, housing all the necessary components of a conventional substation within a compact structure.

Compact substations typically consist of the following components :

  • A transformer, which converts high voltage electricity to low voltage electricity.
  • Switch gear, which provides protection for the transformer and other equipment in the substation.
  • Metering equipment, which measures the amount of electricity that is being used.
  • Control equipment, which allows the substation to be operated and maintained.
  • Compact substations are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications.


The compact substation symbolizes modern power distribution technology.

  • Designed for superior performance, the substation displays enhanced safety mechanisms, compact design and simplified maintenance. Its advanced design includes all key substation components namely- transformers, switch gear and LV distribution panels – all positioned in a single compact unit.
  • This futuristic product is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing flexibility in deployment.
  • Its enclosure is robust and weatherproof, ensuring durability in various environmental conditions.
  • The structure of these units prioritizes accessibility, facilitating easy inspection and maintenance and thus mitigating operational downtime.

Advantages of Compact Substation

The benefits of Urja Techniques' Compact Substation are manifold.

  • The fabrication of this equipment is such that allows for efficient utilization of space, an advantage in urban environments where space is of prime importance.
  • The operational working is easy and simple, reducing the complexity associated with managing separate components.
  • The design of the substation ensures excellent durability, thereby reducing the maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Additionally, the compact substation provides improved safety with , reducing the risks associated with traditional open substations.
  • The compatibility with indoor and outdoor installation presents greater flexibility in deployment, allowing for usage in a wide array of applications and environments.

Why choose us

The business model displayed by Urja Techniques provides precise end to end solutions as a role of a manufacturer, supplier and exporter coupled with implementing an ideal after sales service to keep the customers satisfied in every aspect related to industrial work. Despite of an increase in the competition faced by Urja Techniques,in the transformer industry, we continue to be a dominant player across all its products. Furthermore, our compliance with global standards, validated by the ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation, testify our commitment towards quality. We have habituated ourselves with the practice of maintaining regular interactive sessions with our customers in order to get an informative feedback about our products and services. Necessary changes as required at every stage , be it technology wise or in the administrative sector are executed with an immediate effect to avoid any further confusion in the mind of our customers.




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